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(Hope Creek and Salem Nuclear Generation Stations, photo by PSEG Nuclear LLC)

Salem County, NJ - November 1, 2022.  Hi Tech Solutions (HTS) supported a successful outage at Hope Creek Nuclear Generation Station.  All work was performed on schedule with first time quality and zero safety or human performance issues.

Hope Creek, owned and operated by PSEG Nuclear, is a single unit boiling water reactor (BWR) with total generating capacity of 1,185 megawatts net. The power plant began commercial service in 1986, is licensed to operate until 2046, and generates enough electricity to power approximately one million homes each day.  Hope creek is located along with Salem Generating Station on a 740 acre site in Salem County, New Jersey. Together, the plants comprise the second largest nuclear generating facility in the United States, generate enough zero emmission electricity to power three million homes each day, and are the largest employer in Salem County with over 1,600 employees.